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Gent, 22/02/2020


Possible complications from cortisone inhalation in relation to the coronavirus

The Corona virus  (COVID -19)has been a hot news topic during the last weeks. 


It enters the body via the respiratory system.

The link between the Corona virus and wood burning isn’t  evident for everybody, in the first place because of ignorance by lack of information about the consequences  of exposure to wood smoke.

Wood smoke contains chemical substances provoking asthma and chronic  obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD describes both chonic bronchitis and emphysema. Asthma is an inflammation of the airways.  It is permanent, this means the continuous presence of small inflammations in the lungs.

Both disorders are treated with inhalation devices, often containing cortisone, because of its anti-inflammatory effects. What most patients ignore is how this effect is produced.

Cortisone suppresses the action of white blood cells.  But white blood cells are part of the defense system, also called the immunitary  system. This system protects the body against infections by invading micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses , moulds and  parasites.

As a matter of fact, cortisone inhalating devices apparently make this group of patients more susceptible to pulmonary  inflammation and infection. And … more vulnerable  to  corona virus.


Every year  in Flanders 680.000 complaints are filed  because of  wood smoke. We can assume  that this corresponds with  2.2 -2.5 million inhabitants.

Since there is no public interest in Flanders for protection of the population against wood smoke, this kind of health hasard isn’t covered by the politically controlled media.

We have no other choice than to inform the population about the disadvantages of this actual policy.

The government should decide to contain the corona outbreak by regulating wood burning, as to diminish the use of inhalation therapy. This may protect thousands of patients  from serious  illness.

To people who actually use inhalation therapy  , we advice to contact their family doctor immediately.

Viruses, bacteria and fungi spread via moisture in breathing air or aerosols, more information can be found in our study on wood smoke immission. Avoid enclosed areas and wear respiratory protection.

More information about the side effects of cortision in relation to infections 

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